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Welcome to Skills Training Centre, your destination for comprehensive learning and skill enhancement! Whether you’re looking to boost your safety credentials with our certified Safety Training Courses, explore new interests with our diverse Skill Development Courses, or embark on a journey towards career advancement with our Career Building Courses, we’ve got you covered. Our range of offerings caters to learners of all ages and backgrounds, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for everyone. With a variety of formats including online, in-person, or hybrid options, we offer something for everyone!

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Canine First Aid

Beginner Welding Workshops

Introduction to Stick Welding

Yard Truck (CAN)

Safety Training Courses

Designed to educate individuals on identifying hazards, following safety procedures, using protective gear, and responding appropriately to emergencies. Course lengths range from 1 hr to multi day

Skills Development Courses

Offer accessible pathways into various skills or interests. Course lengths range from 1 hr to multi week

Career Building Courses

Fulltime, comprehensive training courses which cover a set of skills related to employment or serve as an introduction into a specific career or sector. Course lengths range from 4 to 36 weeks

Online Learning Courses

Start your learning journey with our diverse range of courses, offering everything from quick 30-minute refreshers to in-depth multi-hour comprehensive courses.

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The Skills Training Centre has been providing valuable training and support since 2006, serving more than 12,000 residents since its inception. We aim to offer innovative training opportunities that meet the community’s and businesses’ current and future needs and aspirations. Your contribution will assist us in continuing our vital work.

“Thank you for assisting me with an excellent foundation and tools to embark on and maintain my own business.”
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