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Featured Safety Training Courses

Our Safety Training Courses are designed to educate individuals on identifying hazards, following safety procedures, using protective gear, and responding appropriately to emergencies. Upon completion of one of our safety courses, participants typically receive a certificate. These certificates are often required by employers across a wide variety of industries to guarantee the safety of their workforce.

First Aid Recert: Level C, CPR & AED

Forklift Safety

Working at Heights

First Aid Level C, CPR & AED

All Safety Training Courses

“Thank you for assisting me with an excellent foundation and tools to embark on and maintain my own business.”
– SkillsTC Student

Our Process

All Safety Training Courses require a minimum number of registered participants to run. If this minimum is not met, the training date will be canceled and all registered participants will have the option to receive a refund or move their registration to the next available date. More information is available on our Course & Cancellation Policies page.

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